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Rota Vicentina started as a project in 2011, opening the first trails in 2012. Since then, it was almost magical how everyone came together to make it happen. Today, we have a strong project depending on so many people: the land owners and families living along the trails, the ones that have local businesses, the volunteers, the ones in the public entities, the tour operators, the hikers and other visitors… such an amount of different people that are true part of the Rota Vicentina project, consisting in developing this region in the most sustainable way possible and trying to make tourism a responsible part of the equation. 

Today Rota Vicentina is stronger and we are excited to make it even stronger, on behalf of all these people and their future in this special land that gives us so much everyday. 

Dóra’s project is exactly about the people’s stories and it totally follows our interest in those stories and in peoples hearts.

Rota Vicentina


My name is Dóra Simay, a Hungarian enthusiast about exploring cultures, nature and visualization. My studies related to visual and environmental communication: how not only you change your environment, but also how your surroundings make changes in you. I worked in the past years in different sectors: creative industry, multinational company, press, social area, as an employee but also as a freelancer, therefore I am lucky to have a varied aspect. I am currently living in South-West Portugal, and volunteering at Rota Vicentina thanks to the incomparable possibility of European Voluntary Service.

I am engaged to the stories of people ever since I can remember: I‘ve been always a curious listener and interested in why people act and react in a certain way, take a right turn or a left. Within the frame of my blog, ‘stories through Rota Vicentina’ I would like to share the life stories of people around Rota Vicentina, to introduce the reasons, why people choose this unique place for traveling, living, or working. My focus is on the transformation, which is a persistent filament in our big journey, called life.

I would like to invite you to take a look around here through the perception of local people and travellers, and my lenses: to experience their path with a special song in the background, which connects them to this region, within an environment which is decisive in their lives. Let’s dive a bit into these adventures !

Dóra Simay

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  1. Fantastic idea Dori! We are loving your stories of people and how this beautiful landscape touches their lives. Truly inspirational!

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