I grew up in my parents’ bakery, the smell of bread is something essential. I work at least 12 hours a day, I miss having weekends, but I go to the beach almost every day to take a walk or to bike a bit, which liberates my mind. Travelling is an inspirational source for me, to see the new trends and directions. I love living in Rogil, but occasionally I also need to go to Lisbon and breathe in that kind of air.

I was born and raised in Rogil, I moved to Lisbon to study management, but afterwards I came back here because of my parents’ bakery, and I started to work on the development of it, to make it grow. I have been constantly developing the concept, always experimenting with new recipes using regional ingredients but baking also the traditional cakes and working on new inventions with bakery chefs. I enjoy these processes a lot, and also being able to sell our products in many places across Portugal, for example at the Lisbon Airport, or in Porto, and to achieve all this even though we are a small bakery in a small village.

Rota Vicentina helps the local economy and its small enterprises to reach more clients, the number of visitors and guests has been manifestly increasing over the last few years. It is a good example how this team develops the trails and also how they use different communication platforms. We need change and more and more work for this area, but Rota has done a very good job during the past 6 years, it is an interesting project, and I believe in it. We have started to achieve things, but we also have plenty more possibilities, in my opinion it is just the beginning of something very exciting.

My parents bought an old house with an already existing bakery in 1965, they renovated the place, and since then we have run this family business. The history of my family is part of our communication and we want to show it to our clients. I still have some of my grandmother’s recipes, and although my parents wanted to bring new colours into the project, they needed me to experiment and mix the traditional ways with new trends. My mother died one year ago, and the changes this project went through made her very happy, and it was important for me to see it.

Anabela Claro

The photos were taken in ‘Pao de Rogil’.

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