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Cabo de São Vicente is the Southwestern point of Europe, the lights, the ocean, the flora and fauna of this place are beautiful. This is where Rota Vicentina ends: I try to help the maintenance of these trails as much as I can, because in this way I am not only helping Rota’s work, but also the hikers and the nature, and I love the repainting and acacia cutting work itself. I enjoy volunteering, I would like to try it in another place as well, for example in Africa. In a place, which urgently needs help for the people who live there to survive.

I was born in Beja, I live and study in Santiago do Cacém. My father is from Spain, my mum is from Portugal, therefore I speak both Portuguese and Spanish. I consider myself more Portuguese, because I’ve lived all my life here, but we frequently visit the family of my dad in Spain, and I love that country and the people who live there.

I attend ninth grade, and my favourite subject is History, in my opinion it is very important to recognize and learn about the past, so we can do the future better. After school I play tennis, I play piano, I read a lot, my favourite book is Three men in a boat, which is a story about three friends travelling through England in a boat. These adventurous stories interest me a lot, I also love discovering new things which I would never do without travelling. I also do theatre, my favourite and so far only play was about the life of Fernando Pessoa: he was a magnificent person who contributed a lot to our literature and language. By playing theatre we represent people and we may teach newness for someone, we may turn someone’s day into a better day, and that is my biggest dream in life: to give happiness to other people.

Manuel Ruiz

The photos were taken in Cabo de São Vicente.

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